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Incentives for Registering Your Yacht or Shipping Vessel in Vanuatu

Vanuatu yacht

Vanuatu yacht

Your Home Port Will Be in a Tropical Paradise

What better reason to register your yacht, ship, or fleet of ships in Vanuatu than that?  Approximately 83 islands in an archipelago make up the republic of Vanuatu.  It lies in the southern Pacific Ocean northeast of Australia and west of Fiji.  The sun is almost always shining and its waters are a Heavenly shade of blue.  The people are friendly and welcoming.  All this can be your home port of choice when you register your vessel here.

Availability of Registry Personnel

There are helpful registry personnel available every day, all day long whenever they are needed.  This is most handy because you do not need to wait when you have made the decision to register your sea vessel in Vanuatu.  Each member of the registry personnel team is helpful and courteous and will be delighted to have your yacht or ship registered in their homeland.  These professionals will ensure that your request is processed as soon as possible.

Built-In Independent Inspectors

What does this mean?  Every yacht or ship, either for personal pleasure or commercial ventures, must be inspected periodically.  That is true no matter where you are registered.  When your choice is Vanuatu, you are in luck.  That is because there are both, independent inspectors and special agent commissioners on-hand in this region.  This means no waiting when you require their services.

Vanuatu is Ripe for Commercial Ventures

What?  Let’s say you want to open a commercial business with a fleet of yachts or ships.  Vanuatu is the perfect place to do so.  As we already mentioned, the climate and ambience is terrific; as is the population.  Not only will the local people provide you with their patronage, but Vanuatu is a haven for tourists and businessmen alike.  Your sea-faring business will thrive in this part of the world.

Perhaps You Will Want to Live in Vanuatu

Once you discover how fabulous and profitable it is to live in Vanuatu, there is no doubt you will want to live here.  How perfect?  You can have your yacht or ship right nearby and ready to hit the high seas.  If you represent this country by flying its home flag, you will be revered by all who live here, including government officials and prestigious individuals.  If your vessel(s) is registered here, you can sail the seas as often as you wish.

The Ease of the Process

Registering your sea vessel is simple in Vanuatu.  The officials seem to go out of their way to allow for registration to be successful.  They want you to be registered here just as much as you do.  Therefore, they make the whole process easy.  The primary focus in Vanuatu is on safety.  As long as you can prove your vessel is seaworthy and completely safe, you will be granted a registration.  Part of flying the flag of Vanuatu on your vessel is equating it with safety.  This will attract passengers or investors.

Finding a Company to Represent You

If you do not understand any of the procedures or are at all confused, have your representative explain it to you.  You can even have them handle the procedures for you.  To this end TOP Company Formation (TCF) is owned and operated by “Trade Board Limited”. Trade Board Limited is an authorized agent of the government of Vanuatu to process yachts and shipping vessels registration applications for clients from all over the world.

Your application will be processed professionally and legally in short time. Trade Board Limited also offers additional services, being a Vanuatu Financial Services Commission agent and holding a PR license from the said commission allows the company to form companies in 3 days for clients from all over the world. All services are done remotely with no need for physical presence. Trade Board limited also promote Vanuatu permanent residency program and is a sub-agent for Vanuatu Citizenship Program.

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